What is ETM?

Enterprise Task Manager (ETM) is a web application that integrates with the Centricity Business Billing & Accounts Receivable (BAR).  ETM creates online tasks when certain application events occur either in ETM or BAR.  The tasks are displayed in a task list in ETM, providing one place to view and work tasks across multiple applications.  Each task provides step-by-step instructions describing how to complete the task.  Instructions can include links to third-party applications, web sites, documents, online images as well as other GE applications. 
ETM supports the following workflow solutions:

  • BAR Claim Edits
  • BAR Insurance Followup (including line item rejections and front-end edits)
  • BAR Self-Pay Followup

 Frequently asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • Who uses ETM?
    The majority of ETM users are Professional Billing and FGP Operations staff.  UMH Registration staff also uses ETM to work Registration-related claim form rejections.
  • How do I get training on ETM?
    Contact Mary Votruba at 734-615-6791 or
  • How do I gain access to ETM?
    System security access is required for ETM and can be requested through the standard system access policy. That is, your Billing Manager should send an email request to Michelle Hepler stating you need access to the ETM Application.
  • How to do get my ETM Password reset if I forget it?
    Send an email to stating that you need your password reset.
  • How long does it take to get access or get my password reset once the request is submitted?
    New user access should be available within 24 hours. Password resets are usually reset the same day the request is submitted, but please allow 24 hours for that as well.   NOTE: New access and password resets are NOT done on weekends.